Sacred Singing & Chanting Circles Singing is a wonderful way to unearth the creative spirit within and to gain greater confidence, clarity and a sense of purpose. Expressing yourself through song is also an effective stress reliever and will enhance your ability to communicate with authenticity and a healthy sense of self esteem. Singing in circle is especially uplifting for the body, mind, heart and soul. These circles are held seasonally and are designed with the natural rhythms of our environment in mind. Full moon, new moon, Summer and Winter Solstices are some examples. This is what people who come along are saying... "It was just amazing! Thank you for holding the space" K.H. "It was so gorgeous to play and sing and really feel from the heart, the connection we all experienced together" H.R. "Such a beautiful night!! So grateful for the blessings xo." S.T. "What a purely magical night spent listening to the sounds of angels singing, playing from their souls. Empowered and supportive feminine energy. United for a soulful relaxing and smile producing night." J.G. Coming Soon- Downloads of Melissa's original music

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