Parenting Support Sessions


Using the MYSHA approach of mindfulness and creativity, these personalised sessions are designed to support individual parents through their journey with their families.  There isn't any one way to be a parent, just as there are often no quick fixes to the challenges we face. Instead we help you to reflect upon your own parenting experiences, make sense of what happens, and to identify the specific values and goals to fit your family. Together we support you to feel empowered to create the harmonious, creative and unique family culture that you desire for yourself and your loved ones.  For enquiries and bookings, click here.


Mindfully Creative Parenting Workshop Series


Throughout this series of workshops, parents are invited to explore and express their heart's true desire;  to vision the parent they always wanted to be and identify what that means for them.  We bounce our ideas, patterns and stories off one another in a nurturing and supportive group environment as we grow in self awareness, bringing our real, lived experience into connection with the choices and changes we want to make.  As with all MYSHA events, we work through the combination of the ancient arts of mindfulness, meditation and gentle yoga with contemporary arts based processes for making sense of our lives.



Effective Parenting Weekends


The Effective Parenting Weekend is a two full day course for parents and caregivers of children of all ages.  It is not a tips and tricks type course.  Rather, it offers a solid working framework to help guide you to create your own plan and vision for your family, teaches skills of present time parenting to equip you to manage parenting challenges on-the-go and leads you through proactive steps to evaluate and seek support when you need it.  For more information post your enquiry here.



The MYSHA Response to Anxiety in the Family


This is a program specifically designed for children and their parents who are experiencing unhelpful patterns of anxiety in their daily life.  Separate sessions for  parents and children are scheduled over a number of weeks or months, depending on the needs of the family.  Through the program we explore a range of creative experiences to help parents gain understanding of their family's unique anxiety picture and how to manage in a way that meets their needs and the needs of all the members of the family.  For enquiries and bookings click here.


Parenting The Anxious Child

with Mindfulness & Creativity Workshop


This workshop is an introduction to the MYSHA Response to Anxiety in the Family.  If you are looking for a non-clinical approach to managing anxiety in your family, that is geared towards creativity and mindful awareness, this workshop is a great way to begin.   For enquiries and bookings click here.





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