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Naturally Inspired Sacred Play Circles


MYSHA for Kids Naturally Inspired Sacred Play Circles offer children and teens in specific age groupings, a little oasis amongst all the busy.  To playfully explore, imagine, create and discover their true divine nature.  To build meaningful connections with themselves, others and the planet.  To develop sacred skills for life such as mindfulness, emotional literacy, loving kindness and self awareness.


Current age group bookings available:

  • Early Childhood (We can come to your school, kindergarten or early learning centre)
  • Prep to Year 4 - regular Friday after school group at MYSHA HeARTSpace in Highland Park, Gold Coast.
  • Tweens - group sessions held seasonally for young people in Years 5-6


Click here to book into the regular Friday afternoon group.


Enquiries for other age groups, please click here.


Our MFK (MYSHA for Kids) circles are designed with great care and creativity so that they are fun and engaging whilst also helping children to learn and develop in ways that are so often not able to be given the time and energy they deserve/require by the mainstream education system.


Our goals

These are the kinds of objectives we are focused on for each child's flourishing, optimal, wholistic development:


• body (physical development) – fine motor dexterity, gross motor coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, stillness, self control, relaxation, etc.


• mind (cognitive development) – thinking skills, self regulation, mindfulness skills, presence, awareness of self and others, problem solving, reframing, understanding the mind itself and how it works, etc.


• heart (intra and interpersonal development) – emotional literacy, self awareness, self connection and compassion, loving kindness, compassion and respect for other people and all beings, respect for and connection to the environment, gentle resilience building, safeguarding sensitivity, learning and understanding forgiveness, generosity, healthy boundaries and needs, etc.


• soul (spiritual development) – self inquiry and expression, creativity, a sense of purpose, understanding the connections between us and all things, developing and sustaining connection to our inner soul self and the divine and sacredness in all things, developing reverence and respect, morality, developing healthy practices, rituals and ceremony, etc.


The experiences

Each week, our program will work from a selection of these objectives by providing learning opportunities which are attractive and interesting to young children, including: yoga- pranayama (breathing exercises), asana (postures), meditation, mindfulness exercises, sacred flow/movement, singing & chanting, painting, drawing, collage, creative journaling, clay, mandalas, story-weaving, affirmations, totems, crystals, ceremony, gardening, nature connection, gratitude circle, designing sacred spaces, and more!






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