Meditation Yoga & Self Healing Arts - MYSHA, is my unique and holistic practice of creative arts therapy, offered on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Brisbane areas and also by online Skype session.


MYSHA brings together the contemporary creative arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, felting, drama, music, movement and writing), with the ancient arts of mindfulness and presence (meditation, breathwork, gentle yoga).


This artful combination works to help you to access greater self knowing, creativity and wellbeing.  MYSHA is a creative  process of learning and discovery, co-navigated with your fully qualified and professionally registered arts therapist to help you achieve your goals.


Choose from personal creative arts therapy sessions  to women's wellbeing circles , to singing clubs, kids naturally inspired sacred play circles , parenting support sessions, workshops and more!


We have personal and group sessions across a range of arts modalities to suit your needs and your budget.


If you are seeking greater clarity in your life and would like to make some proactive changes, or if you care for someone who needs some creative support to deal with life's experiences, I invite you to take a browse through the site and send me a message!


Be creative, be well,



MYSHA Therapy

Gold Coast Australia


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