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MYSHA therapy can be the perfect compliment to the care a client is receiving from health care providers.  It is also effective in supporting parents and carers of children who have been given a medical diagnosis.


If you are a health care provider, looking for an alternative approach to addressing the mental health needs of your clients/patients, please read the following information...


Dear Health Partners,


Are your clients in need of some support/counselling as a compliment to the care and treatment you prescribe?


While treating the body and in particular addressing the biochemistry puts everything into balance towards optimal health, your client/patient may benefit from some targeted support to generate healthy habits of mind, (e.g. self awareness and understanding around his/her patterns of being and relating, both to him/herself and to the world around them) and creative strategies for working through life's experiences.  Creative arts therapy is a powerful contribution to this understanding.  It helps a person to identify how things are for them, their beliefs, thoughts, values, goals and importantly, to integrate preferred ways of being - how they want to be in the world and how to create the steps to get there.  More on the mind here.



Arts Therapy - What is it?


Arts Therapy is a form of treatment that uses creative modalities, including art-making, drama, and movement to improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Arts therapy is a form of psychotherapy which embraces a variety of theoretical frameworks.  It differs from traditional art-making or performance in that the emphasis is on the process of creating and meaning-making, rather than on the end product. Source:




Professional Standards and Registration of Arts Therapists


When  referring your client/patient for creative arts therapy, it is important to be aware of the current professional standards to ensure you are accessing the services of a properly qualified therapist.  The peak registration body for arts therapy is ANZATA - Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association.  In order to practice as a registered professional, ANZATA members must have a minimum qualification of two years masters level degree with a component of supervised clinical hours placement and commit to ongoing CPD and supervision.  Melissa Joss, founder of MYSHA Therapy is a professionally registered creative arts therapist and registered early childhood teacher practising on the Gold Coast with over twenty years experience working with children, parents and families.  Please read on for further information about Melissa's unique practice...





MYSHA Therapy is a proactive, multi-modal approach to meeting your clients' mental, emotional, social, spiritual, creative and physical wellbeing needs.



* The arts provide the client with the means to elucidate their emotional experiencing from a place of stuckness or confusion to one of acknowledgment, understanding and safe expression. The skills we build upon lead towards healthy self regulation and potential for lasting, positive change.


* The experiential process of creative arts therapy frees the client's spiritual and creative side, which can be an effective means to build self confidence and esteem and reclaim their own creative power to be well.  A wide variety of arts modalities are used according to the needs and interests of the client.  No experience or artistic skills are required.  It is the creative process which matters most, not the end product.


* As clients and therapists work together in the creative companioning relationship that MYSHA therapy provides, we build trust, enabling the client to feel safe, respected and empowered to take responsibility for their own healing.  Significant relationships in the client's life are often brought up in the creative process where greater self awareness and new perspectives may be gained.   Such explorations can contribute to a client's social/relational wellbeing and health.


* We identify the patterns and beliefs which have created the current life situation and experiences.  In developing the mind's mental capacity for presence and self awareness, we enable the client to focus their attention of "what happens" for them in various situations, challenges and experiences, thereby activating great potential for healing and recovery.


* MYSHA Therapy also supports clients to develop healthy stress relief habits, using a variety of strategies including mindfulness techniques, meditation, breathing techniques and physical healing modalities such as sound and music therapy, gentle movement such as restorative yoga postures and MYSHA Flow routines.  More about MYSHA Therapy here.



Managing Anxiety - The MYSHA Response Plan


This is a program specifically designed to support clients (adults and children) to ACT - Acknowledge, Connect (to), and Transform their individual experiences and patterns of anxiety.


The program safely and gently guides clients through stages of increasing self awareness and understanding on how anxiety manifests in their own life/family situation.  A wide variety of creative strategies are used to understand, manage and change their experience in positive ways.



Support for Parents & Children


Further details regarding support for parents, children and families are listed on the Parents & Children tab in the menu at the top of the page.




The creative combination of MYSHA Therapy is an effective and proactive compliment to your clients' care and  treatment program.  For referrals please contact Melissa Joss, Registered Creative Arts Therapist and Founder of MYSHA Therapy.

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