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Singing and Songwriting Sessions


Singing is a wonderful way to unearth the creative spirit within and to gain greater confidence, clarity and a sense of purpose.  Expressing yourself through song is also an effective stress reliever and will enhance your ability to communicate with authenticity and a healthy sense of self esteem.


If you have ever considered exploring your own inner voice through singing, or have thought of taking vocal lessons but lacked the courage to try, Find Your Voice Sessions and Workshops may be something new to try!


In these individually tailored sessions and small group workshops/lessons, Melissa's clients are gently guided through a creative and personal process of vocal exploration and exercises to access and strengthen the quality of the voice.    In addition to taking you through a host of helpful technical skills, Melissa will guide you to discovering your own unique voice and taking your singing to a whole new level.


Along with the vocal focus, Melissa shares with her clients, her twenty-nine years of song-writing experience to assist you in writing your very own musical compositions.  If you would like to be taught this wonderful tool of self expression, musicianship and creativity, contact Melissa to arrange a session.




30 minute private sessions (suitable for children and adolescents) cost $30


1hr private sessions for adults cost $55


Clients with friends who would like to form a group/singing club are eligible for workshop rates which may be negotiated with Melissa, according to your shared needs.  Please email through any questions you might have .



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Downloads of Melissa's original music


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