Creative Play Therapy Sessions

for Children


MYSHA Creative Play Therapy sessions are play and creative arts based.  These sessions give the individual child the opportunity, through their own self-led experiences of creative play, to explore what it is like for them to be in the world.  The invitation is there for the child to explore open ended toys and creative materials such as play mats, figurines, animals, dress ups, play cloths, drawing, painting, sand tray and more.  Here, the child can express themselves freely, investigate new possibilities, try out new ideas and new ways of being in the safety and support of the attentive and fully present therapist-companion.  MYSHA Creative Play therapy fosters the child's natural and innate desire to learn and discover, gaining a fuller understanding of the world and themselves.


MYSHA Creative Play therapy provides the space for a positive and successful relationship between the child and therapist to develop.  The therapist's approach is based on respect, non-judgement, empathy and compassion for the child, within the  safety of healthy limits and boundaries.  When a child experiences this, they develop a healthy sense of self concept, self esteem and are better able to learn skills for self regulation and emotional wellbeing.



MYSHA Creative Play Therapy sessions are 45 minutes in duration for younger children and up to one hour for older children and adolescents.  Session rates are inclusive of information gathering sessions with parent/s and/or caregivers, charged at $55 per hour.   Book here.

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