Sessions for Adults


Private sessions are available for individuals who are looking to make sense of their lives and to find wellbeing through creative self inquiry and understanding.  My practice of creative arts therapy is best explained as MYSHA - meditation, yoga, self healing arts - which is a beautiful blend of the ancient arts and contemporary creative arts therapy.  I offer my clients a variety of creative arts modes to work in and explore - drawing, writing, clay sculpture, painting, music and more.  During your session, we are focused in the present moment and co-constructing new meaning together.  I honour you as the expert in your own life.  My role is to co-navigate with you, supporting you to meet your personal goals.


For optimal results, it is expected that our work together will span a number of regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions over a period of several weeks or months, as per your individual needs and circumstances.


Sessions for adults are usually 2 hours in duration.  Cost is $55 per hour.   Discounted Package rates for three or more sessions and concessions are available.  I look forward to meeting you!






Sessions for Children and Teens


Are you looking for a holistic mode of therapeutic support for your child or adolescent?  As a registered teacher and parent of two, with over twenty years experience working with children and families,  I offer the MYSHA creative arts therapy process for children and adolescents.  The arts modes and particularly creative play, work beautifully to meet each child in his/her own unique world, with little need for words.   Here is a great article to explain more about how it works.


I also offer "Find Your Voice" sessions for young people wishing to explore their musical abilities and personal experiences and ambitions through singing, song-writing and musicianship.


All sessions with children and adolescents require a prior information gathering session/s with a parent/care-giver.  To discuss your family's needs, please email me directly or use this form.  If you are extremely busy, as many parents are, the initial information gathering session can be done by phone or skype.


Sessions for children are normally between 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon the age and attention span of the child.  Sessions with teens are 1-2 hours.  Session rates are inclusive of information gathering sessions with parent/s and/or caregivers, charged at $55 per hour.




Sessions for Groups


Group sessions, tailored to a particular theme or shared goal/s are available for your organisation, school, workplace or community initiative.  Please contact Melissa directly with your details and a brief description of your group's needs.



MYSHA Women's Wellbeing Sessions


This is an inspiring and nurturing session for women held on Friday mornings 9.30am to 11.30am during school terms.  An extremely affordable alternative to private sessions.


In true MYSHA style, these group sessions are a balanced combination of creative expression, gentle exercise, meditation, reflection and self healing.  Each morning is slightly different but here’s what you might expect…. We move our bodies, stretch, focus, practice mindful awareness, sing, draw, write, paint, play, soak up the healing powers of the arts ….and so much more.  You don’t need to consider yourself a creative artist by any means to enjoy and benefit from this class.  There is no expectation nor any pressure to share or participate in any way that you are not ready to.  The focus is on your wellbeing.


The session is at the end of your week, timed perfectly for you to tune into your inner voice, listen to what you need to hear, celebrate your wins and make a plan to adjust or manage those things which haven’t perhaps gone to plan.  It’s a wonderful chance to spend some quality time with yourself in a safe and nurturing environment, guided by myself towards your glowing health and happiness.



MYSHA for Kids - Naturally Inspired Sacred Play Circles


These circles are run in blocks, both during school term time and at selected dates over the school holidays.

We run circles for children in schools, early childhood centres and kindergartens as well as a regular group for Prep to Year 5 children at the MYSHA HeARTSpace, on the Gold Coast.  More information here.



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