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Creative Arts Therapist

Professional member of ANZATA

Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapists Association


Early Childhood Teacher

Professional member of QCT

Qld College of Teachers


Yoga Teacher

BSYA British School of Yoga Association



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Master of Arts Experiential Creative Arts Therapy – MIECAT 2008

Graduate Diploma Experiential Creative Arts Therapy - MIECAT 2006

Diploma Yoga Teaching (Hatha Yoga) – BSY 2004

Certificate in Systematic Theology – IFE 1997

Graduate Diploma Education (Early Childhood) – QUT 1995

Bachelor of Arts - GU 1992



A little about my Journey


From a very young age, the creative arts have been a big part of my life.   I loved participating in the musical and artistic life of the school communities I belonged to.  I have sung, played piano and guitar, composed and performed at many a festival, concert, and celebration. My creativity led me to study arts based subjects at school and go on to complete my first university degree in arts, majoring in film and media.  After leaving school, I was employed for some time working as an artist and musician in inner city Brisbane.  Having grown up in a large family as the eldest of five, I then decided to pursue a career involving young children and the arts so I returned to study early childhood education.  I went on to teach for over twelve years in early years  both here in Australia and in the UK.


Throughout the years I committed to ongoing personal development and a large part of that has evolved my teaching life to embrace yoga and mindfulness practices.  After exploring many different styles of yoga including Sun Ho, Ashtanga, Radiant Light, Bikhram, and Kundalini, I studied Hatha yoga teaching and have developed my own style which is specifically focused on self awareness, self nurturing and personal growth.


As I began to integrate my spiritual focus to my early years teaching, I longed for a new way of being with others and a shift in my career - one that allowed me the scope to learn to be more fully present and to improve our wellbeing through the arts.  I searched for an appropriate tertiary program and found MIECAT, the Melbourne Institute for Experiential Creative Arts Therapy.   Over four years I completed both the Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts programs to graduate as a creative arts therapist in 2008.


My husband and I became parents midway through my creative arts therapy studies and I cannot begin to express how this work deepened and enriched my life, particularly in my experiencing through motherhood.  I learnt some really solid techniques for managing challenging situations and gaining meaning from my life in new ways.  Part of this was to recognise the utmost necessity of a pledge to self care and I continually aim to bolster my capacity to be an aware and creative parent.   It's now my passion to offer this opportunity for self awareness, personal growth and wellbeing through the arts, to as many individuals, families, parents, carers and educators, as are interested, on a journey towards mindfulness, presence, inspired change and deep fulfillment.  I can say from the heart that taking the time to reflect on our life experiences, and to nurture our own self understanding and self growth in creative ways is the best place to start if you desire change in any aspect of your life/family/work/relationships/situation.


My style of creative arts therapy differs from others as I bring to it, my great respect for the ancient arts.  I have created a unique form of practice called MYSHA – Meditation, Yoga, Self Healing Arts.  I am currently working with individual clients in private practice.  I thoroughly enjoy my work, companioning my clients through their unique creative process, using a rich variety of arts modes as they learn to reconnect to their own inner knowing.  I would love to share my work with you and those you care for.


More recently I have been working with a number of professionals who support adults and children with anxiety.  My research has led to the development of an integrated approach to wellbeing that embraces good nutrition and medical care balanced with a creative action plan to respond to your social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs.


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