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Creative arts therapy provides a safe space for us to inquire into our own life experiences in a creative way, using a rich variety of arts modalities.  We make our creative explorations using any combination of the visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, felting, etc.), as well as movement, music, writing, drama and play.  Clients needn't be skilled and you certainly don't have to be a fine artist to enjoy the benefits of creative arts therapy! The arts provide us with a multitude of ways to express ourselves and communicate in new ways.  What is accessed, comes from a place within us, which is often more authentic and more meaningful, than just talking about things.


With a qualified therapist, clients are companioned through his/her unique creative process, constructing pathways to new understanding and navigating life choices along the way.  Creative arts therapy gives the opportunity for making sense of our lives and is a profoundly effective way to gain clarity about what is happening for you right now.  From this awareness, we sift through what is most important to you, how you want to live and how you wish to be in your world.  In this way, creative arts therapy can be used in a wide range of applications, in all areas of mental health and holistic (physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual) wellbeing.


The value of creative arts therapy is becoming more widely recognized in the community across a range of applications from education, mental health, personal development & wellbeing through to aged care, special needs and children’s services.  It offers diverse opportunities for individuals to express themselves and explore their lived experiencing in creative ways.  As human beings we are all naturally expressive.  Creative arts therapy is not only for artists, it’s for everyone!


Creative arts therapy is gaining increasing popularity in the health and education sectors due to the wonderful outcomes being achieved and reflected in the research. The Australian government has endorsed a National Arts and Health Framework that acknowledges the value of the arts to health and wellbeing.   Head over to the Institute for Creative Health to learn more by clicking here.


For more information about Arts Therapy in Australia you can go to the ANZATA (Australia New Zealand Arts Therapy Association) website:  www.anzata.org




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We are, each one of us, a creative being.

Within us lies an ocean of stars... vast potential....Light....

To illuminate the darkness....

To fill the night with the spark of new knowing....

A place where the soul can bask in full glow

 of true presence and greater awareness...

....and if it so chooses...To shine bright....

                                                                                                        Melissa Joss

MYSHA Therapy

Gold Coast Australia


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